Login Problems


There is currently a problem which is specific to Internet Explorer and only effects counties that have embedded the County League Master web site within their own county web site. The upshot is that cookies cannot be stored, something which is necessary to allow logons.

When you try to logon you may see a message about cookies or a message which says:

'Your session has expired. Please login again.'

Note: If you have successfully logged in but then do nothing for a period of time, you will correctly see this message as your session will indeed have expired and you will need to login again. It is only if you have never been able to login using Internet Explorer that the problem is as described above.

There are two solutions:

1) Use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

2) Go to the County League Master web site directly, using this link:


3) Try the solution under Cookies below.


If you are having problems logging in to the web site, there are a couple of things to note:

User Names and Passwords

The top box of the login area is your user name and the bottom one is your password.

All user names and passwords are case insensitive. So don't keep trying with different combinations of capital letters in the hope it will work. Try using upper case for all characters as it is easier to see that you have typed them in correctly, and if it does not work, then check with your league administrator to ensure you have the correct information.


Cookies must be enabled with your internet browser to allow you to login. If you get a message saying 'Your session has expired. Please login again.' when you try to login, it is probably because cookies have been blocked.

(If you simply leave your browser logged into the web site for a while and then try and go to a new page, you may get this message anyway).

To check if cookies are being blocked in Internet Explorer do the following:

Go to Internet Options, click on the Privacy tab and note what level your setting is. Now move the slider down to Accept All Cookies and click OK.

If you can now login, then problem solved.

However, this setting is just to prove a point and you do not want to leave it there. The default setting is Medium, so reset it to that and then click on the Sites button.

Now add countyleagues.co.uk (see below). This maintains your security but allows you to login.